The finale for Girls came six seasons too late

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

18 April 2017

Our long national nightmare is over: Girls

Hate is a word I try not to use. But I hate the HBO series, Girls.

Really, I shouldn’t use the word hate at all. But sometimes, I need to. Sometimes, something riles me up so much that I can’t control the feeling. I know I am not being the best example of myself. But at least I am being honest. And I am going to run with the feeling.

“But to see the smug faces of the four, twenty-something spoiled brats whose story lines the series follows is enough to make my stomach turn.”


GirlsBut I truly despise Girls, which ended its six-year run on Sunday. I loathe it and can’t stand any of the characters or their trite story lines. Everything about it raises my blood pressure. Right now, I feel like Alex Jones on an escalating rant just thinking on it.

I gave up watching the series after season two. Not quite certain why I watched that much of it either. Clearly, I was having a bad year or so. Thankfully, I got better.

Thank God Girls is finally over

My visceral reaction to the show is so intense that just seeing an image for it on HBO GO is enough to make me close the app and watch Netflix. All this came even after my love affair with the network’s glorious recent advertising. But to see the smug faces of the four, twenty-something spoiled brats whose story lines the series follows is enough to make my stomach turn.

Beyond all that, I am bothered most by this. Just how quickly our media throws out heaping praise. That Lena Dunham (the writer and creator of the series) is the voice of her generation. I should hope not. From what I’ve read, her character isn’t far removed from the individual. Notorious for ripping celebrities that didn’t recognize who she was in public and being an elitist socialite. Our media can do better in recognizing a voice from Dunham’s generation. As if she is the only option. Then her generation should just stay mum.

We give too much merit to mediocrity, like the Girls television series. Right now, if there ever was a time, we should be demanding better.

It was to my great satisfaction to discover that the series finale finally aired. No more self-righteousness on screen, speckled with pomposity and frivolity. I never once believed these characters were anything but shades of the people behind them. Good riddance Girls, you’ve been around for far too long.

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