Samsung v Apple

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

7 November 2017

Samsung v Apple heats up with new spot

As many of you know, I reside consistently in Apple’s corner in the Samsung v Apple battle royale. For decades, I play the dutiful pal, sticking it out with the brand even when it leaves me feeling drab.

But Samsung’s latest minute long television ad roasts Apple so hard that it makes Apple loyalists like me reconsider our level of loyalty.

“Brands should target competitors. That’s how you steal market share.”

Man, that’s good. Almost too good. Incidentally, years ago the Samsung v Apple wars heightened with Samsung spoofing Apple fans in a similar fashion, ribbing them for waiting hours on a release day.

It was reasonably effective, but market share only shifted some. The spot did make Samsung a player in the smart phone market, but it didn’t do much to the iPhone’s market share.

Samsung v AppleThis isn’t the first salvo in the Samsung v Apple wars, nor the last

The newest spot gives you the feeling that Apple users live behind the curve. That’s a feeling first adopters hate. They pride their personal brands as being one who knows more when it comes to technology. They desire the best category options whenever possible.

Within one minute, I felt foolish for having an iPhone. I mean, I wait years for a waterproof iPhone when Samsung has sported that feature just as long. Facial recognition is the hot ticket item for the iPhone X, but many owned that five years ago with the Galaxy 3.

Every detail of this commercial is dynamic, even down to the curious looking hair line of the Apple geek waiting in line for a new iPhone. (It mimics the uppermost screen design of the iPhone X.) This, too, jabs viewers into realizing Samsung’s Galaxy 8 is truly a full-screen phone.

And so, the Samsung v Apple wars continue. Brands should target competitors. That’s how you steal market share with branding. I’ll hang onto my iPhone. But I can’t be the only one re-considering.

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