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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

23 September 2013

Sam Adams. Craft beer can earn you a billion bucks 

Sam Adams is a craft beer.

Sam AdamsWhen I had toyed with the idea of buying a kegerator years ago, my first half-keg of beer was going to be a Sam Adams brew. It was a beautiful fantasy, which I ultimately decided wasn’t going to be the best venture for my gut.

Nonetheless, I had complete faith in the Sam Adams brews and wanted them to be a permanent fixture in my home.

While you can find Sam Adams at nearly every retail location, it has positioned itself as a craft beer. (Those within the craft beer industry scoff at that notion, however.) The big news about this particular craft beer is that it’s owner, Jim Koch, has just joined the billionaire’s club.

“While you can find Sam Adams at nearly every retail location, it has positioned itself as a craft beer.”

Sam Adams built a brand

Sam AdamsSomehow, Sam Adams has positioned itself as the link between the big American lagers (Budweiser, Miller and Coors), while still in the craft beer category.

The strategy is paying off because craft beers are the only segment of the beer industry that isn’t losing share to wine and spirits. They have successfully merged modern and history into a robust brand.

The Brewers Association

According the the Brewers Association, craft beer sales have grown a whopping 10% each year for the past seven years. An even more compelling statistic is that these beers now own a 6.5% share of the category.

The only problem for the individual craft beers is that there are more craft beers now on the market than ever, meaning few of them are actually gaining market share. Only the category itself is growing.

So take notice small brewers of America: Sam Adams, began in 1984, and has steadily finagled its way into the market with seasonal brews, unusual positioning, massive distribution and being one of the few craft breweries to advertise. It’s still possible that your brew may very well get you to join the billionaire club too.


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