Ronald McDonald is now cool and up-to-date

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 April 2014

And I’m still afraid of him

What would you have paid to sit in on the board meeting when the marketer and ad agency for McDonald’s unveiled their new idea?

“Heh, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we take our mascot (Ronald McDonald) and make him a CLOWN!”

“Clowns are not cool. Clowns are not modern. Clowns are not relevant. Clowns are clowns.”

An update and refresh on a clown? Are you kidding me?

Clowns are not cool. Clowns are not modern. Clowns are not relevant. Clowns are clowns.

Ronald-McDonald-jpgThe entire idea of making over a clown to make it more up to date with the all the little kids who live and breathe every Ronald McDonald post is ludicrous. My God, this might be enough to get Taco Bell to stop its new campaign out of embarrassment. Don’t these marketing mavens have more important things to do?

So, for those in the fast food or QSR industry that bemoan the McDonalds franchise and hold on the fast-food wallets, take heart. There is hope. McDonalds does not have all the answers because it is obviously not asking the right questions.

Personally, I think the people who recommended the clown update should be photographed and their avatars used in new tweets from McDonald’s. After all, they have at least proved to me that clowns do actually exist.

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