Rob Lowe Advertising. Don’t be like this me ends.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

9 April 2015

Goodbye, Don’t Be Like This Me Rob Lowe

I wrote a few weeks ago how much I admired the DirecTV and Rob Lowe advertising campaign “Don’t be like this me” (Read that blog here). It was smart, funny and right on target for the brand. (Read my new blog on Hannah and her horse and Eli Manning and Tony Romo)

Rob Lowe AdvertisingYesterday, DirecTV announced that it was retiring the Rob Lowe advertising campaign. Man, these guys are SMART. They are even smarter than I had thought.

Sure, Comcast was complaining and threatening legal action claiming the superiority claims made by DirecTV were exaggerated, but I think the same smarts that created the campaign knew they had lightening in a bottle and that they should end the campaign before it had become dog-eared and worn out.

Rob Lowe AdvertisingComcast and Time Warner have been ignoring the attempts by DirecTV to pull customers away in the past. They only took notice because this campaign was successful. Now they care.

But claiming exaggerated superiority claims in a campaign based upon farce is, in a word, silly. Of course it was exaggerated. That was the whole point.

What is next after the Rob Lowe Advertising Campaign Ends?

Don’t worry about the next campaign (unless you are a cable company). It will be smart, funny and effective.

Grey Advertising Rob Lowe AdvertisingI say this confidently because few advertising agencies (the campaign was created by Grey in NY) and few clients have the foresight and intelligence to pull a campaign before it loses effectiveness. Few have the foresight to create a new rotation of ads that can reinvigorate an eager audience. Showing this sort of awareness is why I am convinced the next campaign will be great and I am filled with anticipation for it.

From a brand perspective, the current Rob Lowe advertising

campaign was right on the money. It gave permission for prospects to attach a small dish outside of their homes and not be perceived as someone outside of the grid or blue collar in social status. This is not meant as a dig on blue collar, it is just a brand guy’s understanding of the current target audience and the barriers to growth in a new segment.

Suddenly, it is cool to have the dish. It said you were a bit cool, irreverent and clever. Not a bad brand message don’t you agree? Thank you Grey, DirecTV and Rob Lowe for a very good ride.

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