Retail Redesign

By Tom Dougherty
Retail redesign: Cracking the code

Retail redesign: Cracking the code

Brick and mortar retailers often believe all that’s needed to get customers back in the store is simply a retail redesign. Yes, let’s change up things INSIDE the store and customers will happily come on over!

That’s a fool’s errand. Because shoppers don’t want to go into a store when shopping online is so convenient and hassle-free. Besides, you only notice a redesign if you actually go. It doesn’t attract you to go.

Retail redesignIt’s akin to banks promoting their mobile banking. Especially when they claim theirs is the best. How would anyone know? They have to be customers already to understand.

The main problem with retail redesign is retailers haven’t figured out how to integrate their online shopping to their brick and mortar one. They remain separate.

Until now. If you’ve been shopping at Walmart recently, you know the stores are being redone. Products are moving to new locations. Larger signage is going up. You’re greeted with a chance to scan the store directory right into the Walmart app.

“Retail redesign usually doesn’t do squat. It’s often time and money ill-spent.”

Retail redesign only goes so far

Why is the country’s largest retailer doing this? It’s aping the format of its app. Because Walmart wants to teach you how to use it. So you’re as integrated into it as many of us are with Amazon Prime. Think of it as a true virtual experience. A Walmart Sims experience, if you will.

Has Walmart cracked the code on retail redesign? In a way, yes. Because shoppers now experience online shopping while they’re actually in the stores. It’s simple really.

And its competitors are sure to follow. Because most of them simply copy what Walmart’s doing in the hopes of raising their own fortunes. But, when everything is equal, the market leader is the default choice. That’s why Walmart remains king.

c560a95a 129d 42bd 95e3 b7258408d2e6 VPC WALMART REDESIGN DESK THUMB.00 00 00 00.Still001Retail redesign usually doesn’t do squat. It’s often time and money ill-spent. And retailers are reluctant to enact real change. We recommended to retailers some time ago to have virtual stations for trying on clothes. Now it’s happening. And the ones who thought it was ridiculous are hurrying to catch up.

Integrating the online experience into the stores has always been the main goal. Now, the market leader has done it. But even its redesign can be beat.

Because, ultimately, retailers win on brand, and what that brand means. If you’re a retailer feeling left behind, shoot us a note. Brand still creates preference. Now, it’s the only way to overcome the market leader’s retail redesign invention.

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