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Rebranding StrategyA new rebranding strategy is necessary when your brand is not as successful as planned. Now, that may sound stupid and simplistic but it’s the hard truth.

Rebranding does not always involve a name change or changes in the logo or mark (although it can). As a result, it is a strategic change designed to reignite sales, redefine an advantage or outmaneuver changes in the market.

Minor shifts in perception

All too often, in our experience, brands try to reposition themselves to attract a new audience by simply changing the advertising. But, the problem is always permissions. Customers and prospects think they know you. Your brand is filed away in a mind folder called “I already know all about them.” So, they don’t pay attention to your change in message. It’s filtered out and the volume is turned way down.

How do you get them to pay attention?

Rebranding and a new rebranding strategy. Why? Because a rebrand is designed to change permissions. So, when executed properly, it erases per-conditions and presents itself as new AND important.

And, the whole idea of Brand (with a capital B) works for you when you lead the category and brand works against you when preferences change.

Look at Sears

Rebranding StrategyNo brand owned more equity 25 years ago than Sears. Look at them today. Dead in the water with aging stores, no relevant value proposition and the moniker of out of date. They tried all sorts of advertising changes. But, they confused rebranding strategy with a name change.

We never would have suggested such a thing. We would have changed the BRAND not the name. Sears should have redefined itself by using the highest emotional intensity to better reflect the aspirations of the target audience. They HAD, years ago, permission to be today’s AMAZON. They blew it.

Change your view of branding

rebranding strategyIt is a persuasive art. Not in terms of tactical differences. But, in terms of strategic positioning. Tell me how any brand is able to change in mid-stream without redefining its position? In today’s fast moving world of swirling messages, you must rethink what rebranding IS. Or, risk obsolescence. A rebranding strategy is a constant weapon in your arsenal.

Advertising agencies can’t do it. They don’t know how to manage permissions and create agreement between permissions and benefits. They will tell you they know the ins and outs. But, their bravado will be at your expense.
Rebranding Companies think they are in the equity business

And they are. But only to a point. They foster the things you own but have no idea as to how to find the things that you SHOULD own. Ad Agencies know what you should own but have no idea how to provide the permissions needed to really own it.

Rebranding strategy requires skills that are scarce

When your sales fall and margins collapse don’t waste a minute. Call us. Invite us out and challenge us to show you how we do it. In return, we will show you how to do it too.
If you think the rules have not changed. Well, good luck with that.

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