The intricate rebranding elements

Rebranding elements to grow market share

Rebranding elementsRebranding elements go far beyond just the logo and color palette, which are simply representations of the brand. The new brand identity needs to reside in everything you do, say or imply.

Stealing Share creates and manages all of those rebranding needs. Certainly, we start with research and brand strategy development. Brand positioning is most important, serving as a lighthouse for all your boats to come home. But, after the transformative strategy and logo are created, Stealing Share has your back.

Any rebranding project can feel like herding cats. Loose ends invariable show up, and the untimely arrival of a missing piece can feel disastrous.

For this reason, we pulled together a comprehensive list of all the moving parts. Call us, and we will send you a checklist to help you manage all of it.

Rebranding ElementsBut, as you know, keeping track of all the parts is being a bit process-driven. The real magic is when all the pieces reflect and build upon the brand strategy.

Keeping track of all of this is our specialty. It not only what we do. It is who we are.

Consolidating all the creative deliverables with us is a strategic move on your part. Our creative director oversees all the work and actively takes part in the creation of the brand strategy.

As a result, the work is handsome and memorable, but it is also on target.

This is more important than it has ever been. Micro-targeting the market makes for efficient use of resources and personalized messaging.

It also requires not wasting any possible interaction with prospects and customers. Everything must coordinate and play its past in the brand’s story and narrative.

When we reinvented modern rebranding, we realized that coordination and efficient communications were paramount. Not outsourcing is key to this promise.

Strategists, researchers, writers, designers, and art directors are all under our roof.

Because we leave nothing to chance, you take no chances.

What follows is an abridged list of some of the rebranding elements you might need. We create all of them in-house to ensure that the strategy to grow market share is infused into everything.

Rebranding elements

It helps with coordination to look at the needs of each division or group. It never surprises us how looking at the organizational needs from this perspective leads to a more robust and polished brand launch. There are corporate needs, Marcom needs, and of course marketing needs. Let’s start with Corporate.

Letterheads + Envelopes

– Standard and Personalized
Fax Cover SheetRebranding elements
Mailing Labels
Large Envelopes
Forms – e.g., Purchase Orders Bills / Invoices

Note Pads
Visitor Badge
Presentation Slide Formats

Rebranding elements

Rebranding elements for Marcom

News Release
Press Kit Folder
Stock Certificate
Dividend Check
Annual / Quarterly Report


Institutional Ad Signatures

Recruitment Material Formats

Benefit Booklet Format
Employee Publication Mastheads
Recruitment ad format
PowerPoint Template

External Primary Signs (Monument or Bldg. Mounted) Entrance / Door Sign
Exterior Directional
Interior Directional

Rebranding elements for marketing

Print Ad Signature
Electronic Presentation Formats (Powerpoint etc.)

Marcom Signatures (Brochures, Direct Mail, etc.)


Product Identification
Product Literature Formats / SignaturesRebranding elements
Broadcast / Video Signature

Graphic Standards manual, printed or Web-based
Electronic Templates
Logo Sheets and Color Chips
Visual ‘Voice’ Brochure

Launch Brochure
Gifts Internal (Hats, Shirts, Ties, Pins, etc.

Gifts External (Lucite Blocks, Pens, etc.

As rebranding experts, you can rely on Stealing Share and a talented team to manage everything in your rebranding project. Every i will be dotted and every t crossed. When we begin a rebranding project we create a spreadsheet with all of the rebranding elements organized and prioritized. No one can afford to be uncertain and a great rebrand is all about coordination.

In most instances, we start from the launch date and plan backward so that the deliverables are all on time.