The intricate rebranding elements

Rebranding elements to grow market share

Rebranding elementsRebranding elements go far beyond just the logo and color palette, which are simply representations of the brand. The new brand identity needs to reside in everything you do, say or imply.

Stealing Share creates and manages all of those rebranding needs. Certainly, we start with research and brand strategy development. Brand positioning is most important, serving as a lighthouse for all your boats to come home. But, after the transformative strategy and logo are created, Stealing Share has your back.

What follows is an abridged list of some of the rebranding elements you might need. We create all of them in-house to ensure that the strategy to grow market share is infused into everything.

Rebranding elements

Letterheads + Envelopes

– Standard and Personalized
Fax Cover SheetRebranding elements
Mailing Labels
Large Envelopes
Forms – e.g., Purchase Orders Bills / Invoices

Note Pads
Visitor Badge
Presentation Slide Formats

Rebranding elements

Rebranding elements for Marcom

News Release
Press Kit Folder
Stock Certificate
Dividend Check
Annual / Quarterly Report


Institutional Ad Signatures

Recruitment Material Formats

Benefit Booklet Format
Employee Publication Mastheads
Recruitment ad format
PowerPoint Template

External Primary Signs (Monument or Bldg. Mounted) Entrance / Door Sign
Exterior Directional
Interior Directional

Rebranding elements for marketing

Print Ad Signature
Electronic Presentation Formats (Powerpoint etc.)

Marcom Signatures (Brochures, Direct Mail, etc.)


Product Identification
Product Literature Formats / SignaturesRebranding elements
Broadcast / Video Signature

Graphic Standards manual, printed or Web-based
Electronic Templates
Logo Sheets and Color Chips
Visual ‘Voice’ Brochure

Launch Brochure
Gifts Internal (Hats, Shirts, Ties, Pins, etc.

Gifts External (Lucite Blocks, Pens, etc.

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