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It's a proven rebranding process combined with experience and insight. Stealing Share has redefined rebranding. Our rebranding process combines intuitive science and persuasion to update your brand to transform your market.
Stealing Share - Branding

You need a new vision for rebranding

What is the role of a branding agency? If your brand is underperforming or has new challenger competitors and the market scape has shifted, You need to call us.

This rebranding company focuses our rebranding process on building on your present foundations.

We take what is working and rework what is not. Our goals align with your goals. Change the existing brand to be more important than all the competitor brands combined.

Because you are here reading this, we don’t need to sell you the virtues of hiring a rebranding company. You have already jumped that, Rubicon.

Instead, we want to tell you how this rebranding agency make this all happen and why other companies’ rebranding is trite and ineffective.

rebranding agency taking no prisoners

Rebranding is a science. It is not a trash can.

This rebranding agency completely disassembles your market and pulls it back together in an orderly and forward-looking manner.

Brands, legacy brands, and newer versions grow organically.

Think of it as an English Garden neglected for a season and overgrown with vines and weeds.
Rebranding is like that.

 This formidable rebranding agency specializes in clearing away the weeds to look at what was once beautiful and compelling. Sometimes all that’s needed is good cleaning and polishing. Sometimes you need a new central meeting place.

You often need to clear a pathway because traffic patterns have changed. How much does an agency charge for a rebrand? The price varies based on the scope of the project. Before you engage us, we will give you a detailed proposal with no surprises.

We conduct our own research.

Stealing Share does not guess. As a world-class rebranding agency, we cannot afford guesswork. We research and find answers. Other brand companies neglect research or farm it out. Stealing Share doesn’t.

The brand strategists working with you also work closely with our researchers.

As a result, we take a dispassionate view of your market and messaging.
Our in-house research company,

Resultant Research analyzes your market and identifies present needs and future trends. And we incorporate this learning in your rebrand. It is an integral part of this rebranding company.

Without this thoughtful approach, the whole process can go wrong. And no one can afford that.

Updating your brand to own more valuable positions

Before we rebrand, this integrated rebranding company conducts a comprehensive brand audit. The audit pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of your current branding. It provides a roadmap to the rebrand.

A Rebrand at Stealing Share means identifying the highest emotional intensity in your changing market and claiming it as your brand’s rightful place.

Global experience in updating brands 

This rebranding company earned its chops. We have rebranded companies, products, and organizations on six continents. In almost every category, we have experience. Even in areas without prior experience, we have propelled brands to category heights.

That’s because our rebrand process is detailed and exact. We don’t have all the answers, but we always find them.

A new brand strategy is how you win

Our rebranding company lives with a credo—Grab Share from competitors. Steal Share from other categories. Grow. Change. Adapt. Then adapt again and reinvent on the fly.

New marketing strategies focus on fleeting opportunities and lay the foundations for future relevance. Talk to us.

Does a rebrand require a logo change?

rebranding agency twinsOften it does not. A rebrand project means uncovering and claiming an emotionally compelling position.

It creates a powerful rebrand that is more meaningful than the old worn-out brand message. A change in logo is a clarion cry to your market that something has changed.

That may be a need to change. But we must consider the return on investment before creating a new brand logo.

But, if you do need a new logo and identity, our in-house rebranding agency design team is internationally recognized.