The process at Carmax wins the day

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

10 March 2015


Still, the car buying process can be improved


I recently bought a new car for one of my kids.

It’s nothing too elaborate but I got it at Carmax, where the process of buying a used car is better than at any other dealership I have ever bought from. It’s a brand managed by individuals who understand what people want most when purchasing a car: Ease, a good deal and specificity.

The process at Carmax was better than I expected.

The process at Carmax was better than I expected.

The ease I felt in buying from Carmax was unmatched. My wife and I walked in the dealership and were greeted by a genuinely nice human being (not your typical sleezy salesperson). He asked us what we were looking for and made some thoughtful considerations, then took us out to see exactly what we wanted to see. What’s more, we could have had a car shipped to the location had our desired car not been available on site.

That leads me to my next point: Carmax allows you the chance to be specific. We came in with a desired set of expectations: A car that had three rows of seats, Bluetooth capabilities, great gas mileage, and was not a mini-van. Once we shared our wants with our sales guy, he instantly had suggestions for us.

Once we found a car we liked, the next step was making sure the numbers were right. The thing about Carmax is that there is no haggling. The price is what it is, so you really don’t feel like you are getting swindled out of cash (which is how I always felt when I left other dealerships). Our trade-in was appraised in about 15 minutes, which means we knew our bottom-dollar monthly total in about 20 minutes.

Best of all, we had our new car a half hour later– and we had enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day. A first for me after buying a new car.

Never thought I’d say it, but Carmax is one place you should visit if you’re looking for a used car.


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  1. Rob Adams

    Hi Tom, that’s quite an endorsement – I’m glad you had such a positive experience. I am probably going to be in the used-car market later this year and will certainly check out Carmax. Honestly, they were not on my radar until your post. I’m curious how you settled on them. Did someone refer you? Did you do your own research? Did Carmax market effectively to you?

    • Tom Dougherty

      Rob, this is the second car I have bought for my children at Carmax. So it was experience more than marketing that took me there.

      • Rob Adams

        Great! Thanks Tom, I will check them out when I’m ready.


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