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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

8 June 2015

Pope Francis and the climate

Should Pope Francis speak out about climate change?

Pope FrancisThe Pope’s brand is all about concern and empathy. As such, he has an obligation to write encyclicals about his concerns on Catholic issues and he obviously believes that climate change is a moral issue. I think he is right.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaks out about these more secular issues on a weekly basis and no one but the Chinese seem to be upset with it. Why the double standard?

I think it is because no one running for the Presidency of the US is a Buddhist. But more than a couple are Catholics. It causes those observant Catholics quite a conundrum when they forcefully debate the abortion issue and cite their Catholic faith as the foundation of that dissent. But can they cherry pick the parts of Catholicism that they like or do they place their faith firmly in the Church and the Vicar of Christ who speaks for it?

Rick Santorum vs Pope FrancisPope Francis and Politics.

I found Rick Santorum‘s response the most amusing of all from a logical standpoint. He is a candidate that revels in his conservative Catholic roots, speaks about family values and generally incorporates his faith in the Church whenever he can. Well, Rick says that the “Pope should stick to moral issues and leave science to the scientists.” Sounds good on the surface but I can’t help but recognize that the doubters of climate change seem to be ignoring science and probably should stick to politics where truth never seems to matter.

It may not be something we want to face, but our climate and weather is most certainly in flux. If you don’t believe that human beings are responsible for it, you are just ignoring the overwhelming scientific consensus. Even if you don’t buy humanity as a cause, why would you be against trying to do everything within our power to slow it down? Would you not want NASA to try to do something about an asteroid headed our way? Obviously, our human activities had nothing to do with the asteroids path but most of us would like it to be, at the very least, a near miss.

So speak on Pope Francis! Help us take the politics out of science. We will all be better off.

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