Political Ideology Creates Broken Government

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

18 May 2017

Political ideology. Stop the madness.

Political ideology

The whole world is in political strife. And I believe the root cause is political ideology. It’s not surprising. I maintain that commercial preference lives and thrives on emotion. We inculcate it in every brand we help build. But emotional bonds have limitations too.

How should government work?

Political ideologyThe question answers itself. WORK. Governments exist to get shit done. Unless progress happens, governments are worthless. And useless.

This is not a tongue-in-cheek hit on government. Not a stupid joke about governments and politicians.

It is an appeal to our higher self.

I maintain that political ideology is the cause of governmental failure. It is a BAD thing.

“Keep electing idealogs and un-pragmatic leaders and NOTHING will continue to get done. Our ideology will be our demise.”

Pulling the pillars of the temple down on our heads

Political IdeologyIdealogs don’t care about progress. They only care for supporting a belief. So, they would rather have something fail completely rather than an incomplete victory. And, incomplete conquest, according to Theodore Lowi (the now deceased professor of government at Cornell University), is still a victory. Lowi spoke powerfully on how compromise makes government work.

Compromise IS the genius of government

President Bush did not adhere to political ideologyFor any government to work properly, it must embrace compromise. Simple ideas. Give a little of your perfect scenario so that we attain some progress. This seems to be lacking in government today. That’s because we elect idealogs and not politicians.

Spare me the consternation about draining the swamp. Ronald Reagan was an outsider but his genius was compromise. Tip O’Neill too (and they were friends as well as fierce rivals). LBJ was a politician who believed in compromise.

So was the first President Bush. Bob Dole delighted in compromise. Were they idealogs? In a way, yes. But they believed in making government work. That was the idea they espoused.

Don’t reward Idealogs

Throw them out. Don’t elect or re-elect them. Vote for pragmatism so that the ideals you espouse become part of public policy. There is a lot at risk.

By bashing government and electing people who hate government, we end up with the government we deserve. Dysfunctional, stalled and self-destructive. We support extremes and do stupid things. Things like exit the European Union and deficit spend to build an unpractical wall.

Don’t worry about building a wall. If we continue down our present course, no one will want to move here. We will need a wall to keep people in.

Immigration reform is not the enemy. It is the friend of compromise. So is a workable health care system. It all comes down to a battle over political ideology versus workable government.

Stop the madness

I am ready to see these sorry days behind me. Insist on a government that accomplishes something — anything. Stop supporting candidates whose purpose is political ideology. And find candidates who want to see government work and not fail.


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