Podcasts. Old is new again.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

1 September 2015

Podcasts are back. Are you listening? 

It’s a funny thing to see how trends come in and out of style.

You can see it in fashion: the ’80s, for instance, has found its way into our psyche again. Past musical stylings have graced us again as well: from new psychedelia to new wave and post punk.

Maybe we are seeking a to return to a picturesque time or an escape from a world where technological developments have run amuck. Whatever the case may be, nostalgia has come upon us with a fervor.

We're listening to podcasts like never before.

We’re listening to podcasts like never before.

It’s not surprising then that the podcast has come back to our hearts too. With this resurgence, the podcast is more powerful than ever and it offers some of the most addicting media content at present.

Audio podcasts on great stories alone.

My foray into the present world of podcasts came by way of the audio podcast, Serial, a gripping expose on the trial (or possible mistrial) of Adnan Syed. In case you are unfamiliar with the story, Syed was sentenced for the murder of his high school girlfriend, a crime for which he proclaims his innocence. The story weaves in and out of perspectives, and leaves the listener questioning whether or not Syed was wrongfully accused and convicted.

This lead to my discovery of other equally great podcasts like The Mystery Show, Radiolab, Criminal and a new trend setter in You Must Remember This, which took a look at the Hollywood scene during the time of the Manson murders.

Needless to say, I am a podcast junkie now.

“With this resurgence, the podcast is more powerful than ever and it offers some of the most addicting media content at present.”

What’s the cause for the Podcast comeback?

As New York Magazine said, there are three reasons for the comeback of podcasts: the content is better, they are cheaper and easier to produce than video.

But the biggest suggestion is that our automobiles are technologically wired to bring audio content to the commuter.

I think about my own commute each day, a 25-minute ride to and from the office. It’s there that I spend my time listening to podcasts. Podcasts have solved a problem: they provide us with rich content at a time when we could use it most, in our car.

Podcasts have found a unique position in the marketplace, filling a need that makes my drive just that much more pleasurable.

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