PlayStation 4 is important for the Sony brand

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

25 February 2013

Sony needs a winner

Sony is in trouble. New CEO Kaz Harai is trying to turn the company around with the debut of the PlayStation 4. The new console simply must reinvigorate the tired Sony brand.

“Sony’s brand is now focused exclusively on technology. That isn’t enough.”

Put simply, the Sony name doesn’t resonate as it once did. The company still makes great products but they are not preferred or coveted by customers. In fact, all of Sony’s products – tablets, televisions, computers, cameras and game systems – have competitors with equal or better technology and more meaningful brands.

PlayStation 4 may be a hit but will anyone know it’s from Sony?

Sony’s brand is now focused exclusively on technology. That isn’t enough.

Playstation 4With the release of PlayStation 4, the chatter is on computing power, new game engines and the number of polygons. But when Microsoft announces its next console, the tech will be comparable and the graphics will be just as pretty.

So where is Sony’s brand in all of this?

It’s time for Sony to put massive efforts into defining what its name represents beyond technology.

PlayStation 4 is important to Sony’s future. Yet even if it succeeds it will not fix the core problem with the Sony brand.

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