Players made a mockery of NBA All Star voting

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 January 2017

A third of the players didn’t even vote for LeBron James

In my mind, I delude myself into thinking the NBA doesn’t do much for me. However, I find myself going back to the league, especially during the playoffs, and keeping track of happenings in the league, such as the NBA All Star voting process.

Take a look back though my blog and you’ll mind my musings on Kobe and Tim Duncan’s retirement. You’ll also find why I like Steph Curry and commend commissioner, Adam Silver, for ousting ex-Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

“Only 198 players out of the 324 that voted selected LeBron James as a starter in the Eastern Conference. His Cavaliers have the best record in that conference and James remains an MVP candidate.”


NBA All Star votingThe new NBA All Star voting process, however, is a step in the wrong direction. In previous years, fans accounted for 100% of the vote for the All-Star startling lineups, while coaches selected the reserves. This year, the process changed. Now, fans maintain 50% of the vote, while players hold 25% and media the remaining 25%.

The players torpedoed the NBA All Star voting process

Just ask Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr whose chastised NBA players for making the new NBA All Star voting process “a mockery.”

“I am very disappointed in the players,” Said Kerr. “They asked for the vote and a lot of them just made a mockery of it … I saw the list. I saw all the guys who got votes. Were you allowed to vote for yourself? I don’t know. Were guys voting for themselves? There were 50 guys on there that had no business getting votes. But a lot of guys wrote in their buddies for the presidential campaign. So maybe that was their own way of making a statement. But I think if you give the players a vote, they should take it serious.”

If you ask me, they didn’t. Which is all too typical for the NBA clientele. Only 198 players out of the 324 that voted selected LeBron James as a starter in the Eastern Conference. His Cavaliers have the best record in that conference and James remains an MVP candidate. (You could also make the case that Russell Westbrook should have been a starter over Curry.)

What’s more, there are 449 NBA players and 125 of those players chose not to participate in the vote. I understand Kerr’s vitriol over the situation.

And so, it’s more apparent to me now than ever, that adjustment must come from those at the core: the players.

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