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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

13 December 2017

Pizza Inn Express right there with C-store hot dogs

Pizza Inn, or rather its parent company Rave, hopes its new concept, Pizza Inn Express, can be a game changer. Pizza Inn Express or PIE (isn’t that clever?) kiosks stand primarily inside C-stores, giving customers another outlet to pick up a pizza.

But will it work?

Pizza Inn ExpressI’m a focus group of one but I did ask a couple of people around the office and we pretty much all had the same reaction. Yuck.

We all basically carry the same vision when it comes to getting food at a convenience store – rollers with hot dogs and assorted mystery meats wrapped in fried tortillas. No one knows how long those things have even lived there.

And yes, I do realize that folks actually buy them (or else they wouldn’t portend to sell them). But how willing will people be to get a pizza from a kiosk…in a convenience store?

“Are these pizzas created by the C-store employees? Why would you want your name associated with cheap and crappy convenience store food?”

Pizza Inn Express aligning with C-store food disgusts

Stealing Share writes plenty about the pizza business. Nearly all of them talk about the need for improvement in quality. Pizza Inn Express stands at the exact opposite end of improving quality. Are these pizzas created by the C-store employees? Why would you want your name associated with cheap and crappy convenience store food? And no, Sheetz, I am not lumping you completely into that category. At least most of your food microwaves into a fresh-ish edible thing.

“This could be a game-changer for Pizza Inn as we tap into new markets and expansion opportunities for our flagship brand,” said Scott Crane the CEO of Rave Restaurant Group in a statement.

The C-store category makes a big deal about anything new because new gives its members something else to sell. Pizza Inn Express touts itself as the next big thing in pizza. That is, until it realizes it can’t control the quality of the pizza.

Rave comes off a bit too desperate here. Rather than giving the Pizza Inn Express brand more value, it’s stripping it away.

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