Pizza Hut beer delivery

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 December 2017

Pizza Hut beer delivery coming your way!

Pizza Hut beer coming to your house via delivery? It’s about damn time.

Pizza Hut beerThe pizza chain starts with a beta test in Phoenix, then rolls it out to other markets in the coming months.

My disdain over the latest gimmick in pizza delivery demonstrates the ineffectiveness of many of them. (Not to mention the often poor quality of the pizza itself among the national chains.) The truth is I don’t really like the pizza delivery chains as a whole. In my view ,the corner slice shop or De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies represent what pizza is and should be. Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa Johns contrive to sell you bad version of pizza.

“It does, in fact, improve the pizza delivery experience. Who doesn’t like pizza and beer?”

Pizza Hut beer delivery changes the game

I hate Domino’s DXP or when it makes such a big deal about its store remodels. Who gives a shit? It is also why I hate $10 pizza promotions and was disgusted by Papa John blaming the NFL player protests for his stores’ own declining sales. These pizza companies are always doing something that has nothing to do with improving pizza delivery.

This is something that Papa John’s should have done to better capitalize on their association with the NFL. Pizza, beer and football are as American as Norman Rockwell and apple pie. Domino’s should have used all the money it spends on R&D for the DXP (can you tell I hate that damn car?) and put it into getting beer licenses for its stores.

While it may not improve the actual taste of its pizza, Pizza Hut beer delivery is different. It does, in fact, improve the pizza delivery experience. Who doesn’t like pizza and beer?

Pizza Hut beer changes the category, if it can navigate the legal hurdles in delivering beer and wine throughout the country. I don’t think it’s for everyone. But others salivate over Pizza Hut beer and pizza delivery. That’s what Pizza Hut is counting on.

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