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12 September 2017

Pitchfork keeps my faith in music alive

The following guest blog is by Mark Dougherty, a brand strategist and music aficionado. And a fan of Pitchfork.

As the blurb above notes, I am a music guy. What’s more, a fervent reader of the music site, Pitchfork.

To this day, the excitement of a spanking new album jazzes my soul. As a teen, record stores ruled the roost. I remember anticipating with bated breath the release of my favorite bands’ new albums. Granted, I wasn’t the most normal kid either. I study the band histories and liner notes of all my Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Neil Young albums.

“That’s the hallmark of brand development. It’s about recognizing who you are for and not for.”

PitchforkThen a sad thing happens. MySpace and the mp3 revolution arrives. Music becomes the new fast food. Lots of crap strews everywhere. It was a double-edged sword. By opening the gates to the digital universe, everyone could record a song (a great thing). But it was also horrible. Just because you can record a song, doesn’t mean you should do it.

Thank God Pitchfork arrives

So what was music freak like me to do? Physical albums? Gone.

Enter Pitchfork.

As the old ways change, a new way finds its way to my feet. Seeking review sites that were discerning and in line with my palette. Some others come close. I like Spin, Rolling Stone and NME. Just not enough. And they dig a bunch of crap, too.

Not Pitchfork, though. They have, in my perspective, a brand built around keen writing and praise. Plus, it sports great content. The site calls crap, crap (see the latest Ed Sheeran review.) Or praise an older gem. Or praise the latest must-hear album.

That’s the hallmark of brand development. It’s about recognizing who you are for and not for. Pitchfork has done just that. It makes this music dude happy and gives me the means to seek out great music in dauntingly expansive digital universe.

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