Pebble Steel is the future

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

20 January 2015

Pebble Steel made me a believer in wearable technology

What’s the deal with smart watches?

Up until now, I didn’t get it. I thought the brains behind the world’s biggest tech companies were out of ideas.

As I am curious to find answers to my questions, I wanted to find a reason to believe in smart watches.

Digging around and reading reviews and articles about different watches, I soon found myself enamored with one: Pebble Steel.

I appreciate the Pebble company. It began with a groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign (raking in over 10 million dollars). It’s not a powerhouse brand like Apple, Samsung or Motorola, which made it shine all the more for me.

The right message for the right market.

The right message for the right market.

In fact, Pebble feels magically homespun to me in the way Apple’s birth does. I like that it was rooted with a visionary who sampled a concept he believed in until it was perfected.  Before Pebble became too big, I wanted to be a part of its history.

I had to own one. And now I do.

Pebble Steel, the second incarnation of the company’s smart watch, is a true joy. Its elegant interface makes my connectivity to the world a breeze. It has pleasantly useful notification and fitness apps too. I couldn’t be happier. Its theme of “Pebble. Uncomplicated.” hits right tone and message. Most of us see technology as too complex, when we really yearn for simplicity. (Simplicity is part of what has made Apple such a brand giant.)

Did I find the response to my smart watch skepticism? I think so.

What did I learn? I want to be one of those people that is part of a revolution before it becomes a revolution.

I can do that with Pebble.

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