Papa Johns ads disingenuous at best

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

15 February 2017

They feel so much like marketing, they aren’t believable

I have seen more and more of the pizza family from Papa Johns ads lately. The chain must be spending a fortune.

I vaguely remember the first of the campaign during the Super Bowl. The best part of the ad below is making fun of the DXP from Dominos.

“Few ads in recent memory have pissed me off more than this one. Papa Johns is no more of a pizza family than McDonalds is a burger family.”

But the Papa Johns ads compare the difference between a pizza family and a pizza company, which I assume is Dominos. Problem is, Dominos actually started in much of the same way that Papa Johns did. It was originally called DomiNicks back in 1960. More than 20 years before Papa Johns was even an idea.

But for now that’s beside the point.

The ad I see now, ad nauseam is this one:

“A pizza family never cuts corners, they only cut prices…”

Brilliant. Papa Johns is dropping the price of their pizza because they care about me. Bullshit.

The new Papa Johns ads make no sense – and that pisses me off.

Few ads in recent memory have pissed me off more than this one. Papa Johns is no more of a pizza family than McDonalds is a burger family.

Further, the second ad is trying to convey three messages: price, pizza family and better ingredients. Where is the single-minded proposition?

I didn’t even know what a pizza family is when I watched the first Papa Johns ad. Hell, I watched the first ad a few times to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. “We’re more than a pizza company, we’re a pizza family?” Who cares?

If being part of a pizza family is important to the pizza-eating public, they will go to a local pizzeria.

In short, the Papa Johns ads are simply disingenuous. It isn’t lowering prices for my benefit. It lowers prices to sell more pizzas. Papa John’s is not part of my family and it does not have permission to be part of it. It is a pizza delivery company.

And let’s face it. A company whose founder is worth more than a billion dollars ceased to be a pizza family a long time ago. Sorry to say, John Schnatter, you too are a pizza company – and a very large one.

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