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Rebranding a Destination Pinehurst Brand Development

The Challenge for the Pinehurst Brand Development

Pinehurst CVB LogoPinehurst Brand Development meant strategically, we focused on the avid golf market so as to leverage the power clarity. The brand is focused on letting the visiting customers see themselves as having “arrived” in both their lives and at the golf destination. This idea was a cornerstone of the Pinehurst brand development created by Stealing Share.

To that end, the brand must focus on how golf is in everything they do in the area served by the CVB. The messaging from all the golf destinations around the world look incredibly similar. They are all simply glamour shots of beautifully manicured golf courses with the message being “wouldn’t you just love to be here”.

Yet for brands to work steal share, they must be different from what everyone else does, and they must be better. First, we had to face the facts. The area served by the Pinehurst CVB does not currently have the volume of amenities (other than golf) offered by many other golf resorts with which they compete.

They do have great restaurants and even a great spa, but are not considered a dining destination or a spa destination in the way Canyon Ranch or San Diego might be. The visitors come here because of the golf. All the other experiences currently offered are additions to that choice.


All of the above are important elements of the Pinehurst brand development strategy. What follows is a group of tactics designed to support the strategy.  And increase the number of hotel nights. We recommended a focus on extending the stay of current visitors to the region, thus increasing revenues by tapping into the idea that there is no such thing as too much of a great thing. We encouraged the visitors, when they are in the planning stages, to “go ahead, stay that extra day…you know you want to”.

Some of the Pinehurst brand development work

Pinehurst Brand DevelopmentThe plan was to make the brand strikingly different from conventional golf destination brands, thus making it more distinct, memorable, and important to the target audience today.

The agency that created the work took the mission to heart.

“Look for a sense of humor giving the region a personality that seems more intoned with the lives of our customer.” This should encourage new and more visitors to the area.

Own the idea of “more” and play that out in all of the communications and to appeal to the idea of having arrived.


Pinehurst Brand DevelopmentWe put a strong emphasis on the web as the portal of entry into our destination. The CVB has, quite literally, millions of visitors each year and the number is increasing logarithmically.

The primary target audience has come to rely on the web more and more.  It is the entry into the resort area. For those that arrive in the area served by the CVB. Their first glimpse of the are is not on one of our paved highways but through the superhighway.

To this end, we positioned the web as the bedrock of our brand strategy. In the lingo of the industry, area web sites are known as portals, and this is for a good reason. The brand needs to participate in this portal — welcoming new customers to experience all that you have to offer.


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