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Scandal may aid smaller funds, but don’t expect marketing push. “For one, those traits are assumed, not marketed”, said Tom Dougherty…


Scandal may aid smaller funds but don’t expect a marketing push

by Aida Svaldi Business Writer

 What is your opinion on the mutual funds scandal?

Tom Dougherty on Mutual FundsFor one, those traits are assumed, not marketed, said Tom Dougherty, a strategist with Stealing Share, a brand consulting firm in Greensboro, N.C. ‘I would be careful about pretending to be the good guy unless your brand has permission to do that,’ Dougherty said.

About the only fund groups that can pull that off are socially responsible mutual funds, he said. Also, Americans are conditioned to expect anyone who brags too loudly about their virtue to fall, he said. ‘We aren’t marketing anything like that,’ said Cynthia Crossland, marketing director for Meridian Investment Management and the Icon Funds in Greenwood Village.

Mutual funds have historically built their reputation on investment strategy, money management talent and most of all performance. Icon, whose funds are handily outperforming larger competitors, including Janus, plans to stay on that track, she said.

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