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Brand firm conducts research, develops brand for SECU of Maryland

what makes a logo great? Simplicity

Simplicity is important in logo development

GREENSBORO, NC – August 10, 2010 – Credit Union Rebranding. Stealing Share, Inc. a brand development firm that helps companies steal market share from competitors. Stea ling Share recently concluded a new branding initiative with SECU of Maryland. The credit union rebranding is represented in the credit union’s new look and position under the themeline of “Different Direction.”

The new look for SECU includes a black and green logo with a turning symbol that suggests a change taking place. And, the themeline of “Different Direction” positions the credit union as providing a true choice in an industry. An industry where audiences believe there is no choice.

Make the Credit Union Brand Different

“Brands are only meaningful if they are different and better than the competition,” said Tom Dougherty, CEO of Stealing Share.

“A primary reason the financial industry has failed customers is because they often feel trapped by their primary financial institution.

Even when they think about switching, they believe there is nothing different ‘over there.’ SECU represents that better choice.”

Resultant research spearheaded Credit Union Rebranding of SECU




Stealing Share’s brand research arm, Resultant, conducted market research for SECU. SECU is a $2.2 billion credit union that serves more than 240,000 members in Maryland.

The project resulted in analysis and recommendations for brand strategy to make SECU’s brand more relevant. More important in today’s economic climate and help the credit union better serve its members.

SECU Communication

“The purpose was to help SECU find new ways to communicate its benefits and purpose to all of its stakeholders. Employees, current and potential members, and businesses,” said Dougherty.

“Our goal was to uncover what is most meaningful to those audiences so SECU can resonate more fully than it has been in its market. With this brand, SECU are taking the steps to accomplish that.”

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