The Rebranding of Telworx

Brand Development in Telecom and B2B- TelWorx

Brand development in telecom. TelWorx

TelWorx Communications, LLC. is a certified provider of new, surplus and de-installed telecommunications equipment and services.

They help customers rapidly expand their network with their scope of expertise in central office, transmission, outside plant, network access and data networking solutions.

The Task At Hand Brand development in telecom

Brand development in telecom often requires a logo change

When the new owners of TelWorx Communications came to Stealing Share they had a simple request — re-brand the company to reflect their position as the industry innovator.  

And, infuse the brand with the share-stealing principles for which we have become known. The old logo was not the problem, it demonstrated the problem.

It was complicated, lacked focus and gave no hint as to the value of the brand or the values of the new TelWorx ownership. The old mark simply identified the sandbox (category) that TelWorx considered its primary business.

The new mark still identifies the category but positions the brand as forward thinking and that of a leader. The new brand themeline demonstrates the brand promise and differentiating business model. it gives customers a reason to choose. (Read more about the telecom industry here)

The Web Site

Brand development in telecom requires web work. The old website was the principle selling tool in the market, for the old ownership, and yet it looked utilitarian and dull. The language and imagery in which it delivered its message was expected and undifferentiating.

Little of the brand’s focus was about the customer, it was all about the TelWorx company itself.

It was all focused on corporate identity and not brand. The site was never optimized or designed to influence search engines (SEO), and as a result, the site was invisible to prospective customers. Existing customers found the site usable and effective, but as a tool for growing market share, it lacked the essential brand essence.



Making It All Fit Together. Brand development in telecom.

Strategic Brand development in telecom

The TelWorx Strategy

The strategists at Stealing Share went to work. Resultant, our sister research company, brought us back the research data. They conducted a comprehensive and broad research study of prospects and customers from a wide and projectable sampling.

When the new brand was launched, all aspects of the TelWorx brand had the same impressive look, feel and message. A unified and smart design that let customers and prospects alike see that they had “chosen well” in their search for selection, expertise, value and service.

Our interactive expertise, built the new website from the ground-up and optimized it for search engines (SEO).

It was built over a data-base-framework allowing for easy updates and flexibility. But simply being consistent in look and feel is never enough.

Certainly everyone that touches the brand needs to see the same style and promise, but exactly what that promise IS, is the difference between business as usual and unbridled opportunity. 190Letterhead


Everything needed to fit together from the letterhead and signature system to the important multi-media and PowerPoint presentations that the newly trained and expanded sales force delivered.


A flexible and professional binder of capabilities was created — reflective of both the brand’s position and the worthiness of the recipient.

The brand needed to reflect the broad selection of products offered by TelWorx but it also needed to promise the urgency that defines the lives of the customers that the brand serves. 852PPT

Every image, phrase, and statement made by the brand promised a sense of immediacy and importance. Our creative team took the new brand strategy and created the trade ads that delivered the supportive message that is necessary in building both awareness and preference of and for the new brand.









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