The Biomimetic Rebranding

Biomimetic Rebranding – Purchased by Wright Medical

Biomimetic Rebranding Strategy 

Introduction to this Rebranding Case

Biomimetic is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: BMTI) manufacturer and marketer of clinically proven products to promote the body’s natural healing cascade in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and disease in orthopedic, spinal and sports medicine applications.

 Augment, Biomimetic’s flagship product, utilizes recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB) to stimulate the human body’s natural healing response to improve healing and regeneration.  Under FDA review, Biomimetic hopes to begin selling Augment in the near future. Based on global research, both qualitative and quantitative, Stealing Share developed a strategy aligned with the emotional intensity of surgeons’ desire to break the routine of status quo surgical procedures and utilize their expertise to see the extraordinary.

Old Biomimetic Logo

Old Biomimetic Logo

The medical device category, particularly in the area of biologics, touts its tireless dedication to improving the well being of patients through the delivery of better technology.  

While good outcomes are important to surgeons, research shows that surgeons believe they, not the medical device companies, are the ones who make the difference in the patient outcomes and their ability to discern what will and will not have an impact on these outcomes is their greatest value.

Therefore, as is common in the medical market, current industry wide messaging lacks the understanding of exactly what makes surgeon’s tick.

After a series of successful clinical trials with the goal of FDA approval, Biomimetic knew that, even though it is global, its small size in comparison with many of its competitors might make it difficult to reach all of their potential customers in a meaningful way.

Stealing Share was tasked with the job of rebranding Biomimetic so that it was meaningful to and reflective of the market it wishes to influence, especially considering the fact that Biomimetic does not share the vast resources of some it its competitors.

The Research

Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted with surgeons in the U.S. and Europe to uncover their switching triggers, precepts (belief systems that drive behavior) and the usual usage, awareness and attitudes that are tested in standard brand research. 

The outcome of the research was instrumental in the rebranding process and creating of the brand promise of Reject Ordinary as it reflects what the surgeons believe they must do in order to stay relevant and exercise their judgment for the best possible outcomes.

This simple statement enables Biomimetic to represent something more than a biologic technology.

The promise of reject ordinary is a rejection of the status quo of medicine – that great outcomes can only happen when a surgeon seeks the extraordinary. This promise is designed to position Biomimetic against the competition, be more purpose-oriented instead of process-oriented and form an emotional bond with surgeons that goes beyond price, service, technology, and efficacy.


The Visual Representations and Beyond


New Biomimetic Logo

New Biomimetic Logo

Rebranding strategy for Biomimetic included new look for Biomimetic, a visual representation  of the brand.

The logo demonstrates a surgeon’s assertiveness and decisiveness with the image of a wedge shattering a block that represents the status quo. The themeline, Reject Ordinary is locked in with the logo at all times to reinforce the brand’s meaning.

The brand positioning and power of that space was valuable turf. As a result, Biomimetic was purchased by Wright Medical recently. Stealing Share created a new logo and mark for Wright Medical as well. You can find the results of that work here

This is Only a Small Part

If you would like to learn more about the rebranding strategy for Biomimetic or any of the other companies we have rebranded, please contact us to schedule a presentation on our process and how it can help transform your brand.
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