American Fidelity. A case study in branding insurance.

How we helped American Fidelity find the right brand promise

American Fidelity is one of the leading providers of supplemental insurance and benefits, specializing in auto dealerships, education, municipalities and health care.

Its core customers are employers who offer supplemental insurance to their employees in those segments.

American Fidelity

The old logo of American Fidelity had little brand meaning.

As a business, it operates in divisions based on those specialties. At issue was that American Fidelity had no overarching brand promise that brought the divisions together.

Additionally, they needed to increase preference with existing customers and attract new prospects. (Look at the creative work we created for the rebranding of American Fidelity)

To achieve that, the project entailed qualitative and quantitative research with employers, employees and associations. The research used random sampling among the target audiences, meaning even those who use competitors participated. The research was blinded so as not to bias the answers. We were particularly interested in precepts, the belief systems that drive behavior.

Also, an analysis of the competition and a brand audit was conducted. These are important in seeing where the current brand stands in the market and what it could claim.

Our competitive analysis found that competitors, which range from regional carriers to giants such as Aflac, focus solely on price, coverage and, in the case of Aflac, quick results.

American Fidelity

The new logo for American Fidelity redefines who its customers are: Those who always seek a different opinion.

The research demonstrated that administrators and employees believed all supplemental benefit providers were basically the same. What they wanted was something different.

For the employer, who has complete control in selecting a supplemental benefits provider, the research clearly showed that they viewed their individual organization’s needs as unique. To find the right coverage for their particular needs, they seek something other than the same old thing. Even values and services beyond insurance.

The new American Fidelity brand

Using an existing strength of the company, its niche focus, the newly rebranded promise of American Fidelity stated that it represents a different opinion. Different from the status quo because it is a specialist that knows there are no pat answers.

As the company says now, “When it comes to making health decisions, many seek a different opinion from a specialist. When choosing supplemental benefits, it’s important to seek a different opinion too.”

To reflect that brand, Stealing Share’s creative team developed a new logo that demonstrated American Fidelity being different. The promise going forward is that American Fidelity will also look for things that are different and meaningful to its customers.

From advertising to collateral systems, signage to stationery systems, Stealing Share created a comprehensive brand structure. The American Fidelity rebrand Included a brand standards guide that demonstrated cues for logo uses, along with messaging and brand personality guidance. Stealing Share also conducted brand training for its thousands of employees.

Today, American Fidelity stands as the fastest riser in the supplemental insurance business.

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