The Optum brand is too busy

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

14 September 2017

What is Optum?

You know, I like the new Optum commercial. And I like the graphic design of the logo. Come to think of it, I also like the theme line “How well gets done” even as I see it as just a tiny bit too clever (read an article on brand simplicity).

The brand claims to be bringing innovative solutions to healthcare. Okay. You have my attention. Here is an advertisement for the brand.

The problem is it tells a complicated story in a complex way. And it slips endlessly into industry jargon. I admit that I am a bit confused as to exactly what Optum does.

“The Optum brand can’t get out of its own way. It is confusing, filled with jargon and cliche.”

Spinning an Optum Story in less than optimal ways

“Powering modern health care by modernizing infrastructure, advancing care and improving experiences.” Optum says this.

I understand the part about UnitedHealth Group (I think). But after that… I’m lost.

It is a vivid example of a brand mistaking its mission statement with a brand promise.

Read this. In their own wordsOptum Capabilitites


With our industry-leading health care data — 180 million lives of claims and 85 million lives of clinical data.

And technology and analytics expertise. Optum is delivering predictive analytics that help customers take action.


OptumRx® goes beyond traditional pharmacy benefit management, leveraging analytics and the most frequent health care touch point to impact overall health – especially where it matters most – within complex conditions.


Optum list of servicesOptum serves the unique needs of a population by delivering effective and sustained consumer engagement.

With our comprehensive clinical and financial services, targeted through deep population health analytics.

This results in the right care provided at the right time. And in the setting where the consumer is most receptive.


OptumCare® provides an exceptional patient experience with attentive, personalized and proactive care across three areas. Primary care. Specialty care. And post-acute care.

We focus on bringing back the joy of medicine for physicians and advance practice clinicians. So, they can focus on what matters most: caring for their patients.


By transforming infrastructure and digitizing health care, we’re improving connectivity to enable smoother transactions among providers, health plans and consumers.

Got all that?

Optum confusionSuch a mangled mess of industry jargon. “Delivering predictive analytics, beyond traditional pharmacy benefit management.

And, delivering effective and sustained consumer engagement with our comprehensive clinical and financial services.”

PLEASE. Get out of your own way and speak with clarity.

What we need from Optum

Optum LogoiYou need simplicity (Optum). Urgently. 

Why not bring simplicity to the problem? Why not describe what you do in human terms?

I know why. Optum trapped the brand in healthcare drivel and industry platitudes. I hoped to find greater focus and clarity. Instead, I found a large wall covered with shit.


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