A few years back, I wrote a blog suggesting that Nintendo should consider its present status in the marketplace and team up with some of the other big guns in the entertainment and technology circuit.

The best brand in the gaming industry.

The best brand in the gaming industry.

I felt Nintendo had room to capitalize on its wonderful array of character-driven games in a variety of platforms. I’m sure Nintendo fanboys would appreciate Mario Kart on their iPads or the newest installment of Super Mario Brothers on their Samsung Galaxy 6 phones.

Nintendo should be licensing the pants out of its trove of games.

Why should it? It’s simple:

Nintendo’s brand exceeds the competition.

While I am not a gamer, and don’t plan on ever becoming one, I do have a bunch of children who play video games. What I know is that Nintendo, unequivocally, has the strongest brand in the gaming industry.

When I consider Nintendo, colorfully timeless characters pop into my mind: Mario and Luigi, and Zelda, for instance. I couldn’t, however, do the same when thinking on the Microsoft or Sony game systems. Neither comes close to the breadth of character that Nintendo’s games offer.

Nintendo’s partnership with Universal is a great first step.

I was pleased when I read that Nintendo would be partnering with Universal Parks & Resorts. It’s about time the brains at Nintendo realized joining forces will propel its brand forward. Think about it: The Nintendo Universal partnership now means you can now visit a Universal theme park and you hop on a Super Mario themed roller coaster or immerse yourself in a 4D game.

That, to me, sounds like a kick in the pants.

My hope for Nintendo is that the partnerships do not end with Universal and that we will see more and more of the cherubic, red-capped, Italian plumber named Mario in more and more aspects of our everyday media.

The Nintendo Universal partnership signals the beginning of Nintendo taking over the world.

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