Nintendo Super Mario Run a failure?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

5 January 2017

Is it a simple fix?

I am not much of a video gamer. What I am is a brand enthusiast. Moreover, I am intrigued when a brand whiffs badly. And Nintendo Super Mario Run is doing just that.

I saw Nintendo Super Mario Run not coming to Android devices as a punch to the gut of Samsung. Perhaps this was another item in the laundry list of setbacks for the company this year? It sure seemed like it.

“My gut says Nintendo needs to right this wrong soon.”

Incidentally, Samsung might end up being the winner for not having the game on its system. Just today, CNN reported that Nintendo’s stock has plummeted 11% since the release of the IOS based game. What’s more, it fell 7.1% in just one day last month.

What’s the problem with Nintendo Super Mario Run?

By all accounts, the new installment of Nintendo Super Mario should be a winner. It’s the highest grossing game in 11 countries. It’s also atop the Top Charts for Apple since its release. This is reason to celebrate, no?

Unfortunately, it’s not. The game has only garnered an average rating of 2.5 out of five stars. This is a horrible rating for Nintendo developers. Many reviews cite that the game is far too easy to play. Other critics expressed that Mario’s capabilities in the game are far too minimal.

CNN added, “Nintendo’s decision to charge users a big one-off fee rather than multiple smaller ones inside the game, prompting concerns about how long it will continue to bring in significant sums of money.”

For those unaware, users are asked to pay $9.99 after finishing the third level. Users regularly pay incremental IOS charges. Consider Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, for example. Both games offer small fees to advance in gameplay. And, both games have been hugely successful.

Nintendo doesn’t have to stick with failure. It would be simple to update the program to meet user needs. While adjusting Mario’s capabilities might take a little longer, fixing the pricing won’t. My gut says Nintendo needs to right this wrong soon. It has a new system on the horizon. What’s more, it can grow significantly as a mobile market app.

Let Mario run!

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