The NFL Protests

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

25 September 2017

NFL protests. The stakes are high.

The NFL protests may be a danger to the US itself.

NFL Protests Colin KaepernickWhat on earth is going on? Do you disagree with the NFL protests by many of the players? The ones where NFL players kneel during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner? Does their support for what Colin Kaepernick started a while back rile you?

Good for you. You’re an American.

Wait before sharing this opinion with your social network friends. You might not like what I am about to say next. The NFL player protests are a threat to our very Constitution. That is, unless we all actually READ it.

“Disagree over the rightness of NFL players who won’t stand for the National Anthem. But don’t be un-American enough to say they have no right to kneel. We are not Nazis. This is not North Korea. We are a constitutional nation. We guarantee your RIGHT to protest.”

My personal Facebook Page shows anger right now

NFL ProtestsNot by me. Pictures fill my page of the grandkids. It’s boring even to me. I’m speaking of the posts from my friends. All filled with condemnation of the NFL for allowing the NFL protests to continue so players can show such disrespect for our country. Many call the players spoiled. Some have gone so far as to post mug shots of current stars with their criminal records included.

Stop the insanity

Protesting is not just a right under our Constitution. It is a requirement. Disagree with why the players don’t stand. Boycott the NFL. Stop buying the advertisers’ products. But defend the right of the players to protest.

We are not North Korea

Not yet. Everyone must to stand in North Korea when the band strikes up its national anthem. If you don’t, or if you criticize Kim Jong-un, you disappear. We fought wars for our right to protest. He battled the British twice. And the Germans twice over rights of freedom and determination. Censorship is the enemy. Not the NFL.

I lived through Vietnam

NFL protestsAnd, I am watching the Ken Burns mini-series currently. There is a difference between protesting something when your nation is wrong and criminally mistreating the veterans that fought it. I feel as if we have learned nothing from our history. Telling the NFL protesters that they have no right to protest is as WRONG as snubbing veterans. I leave it to your good conscience to decide on the NFL protests legitimacy. The question is not as important as the right to free speech.

NFL Protests and the Constitution


We need to wake up in the US and start living the ideals in our Constitution. Do you know what happens when we silence protests? I attach a letter from the Nazis to my great grandfather Albert. They inform him that his Sister Lucie “died leaving no possessions.” Lucie and Albert were Jews. We all know what that letter means.NFL Protests


  1. Jim

    That have every right to kneel, just as we have every right to not purchase their product as a protest to their protest. Just beachside you have the right doesn’t mean you don’t have to suffer the consequence for actions.

    • Tom Dougherty

      That is exactly the point. Everyone has the right… maybe the obligation… to express their beliefs

  2. Glenn Kinnear

    I was inspired by MLK as a 13 year old white suburnite in 1968 and actually tried to make a difference in a black community in Boston…how many of these guys with their wealth and influence are actually trying to make a difference in black communities with their deeds?

    • Tom Dougherty

      Glenn, it is an aside to the main issue. It’s not about their political involvement it is all about their right to do it

  3. Jim

    We aren’t saying that they shouldn’t have the right to protest, we are saying they’re a bunch of assholes.

    • Tom Dougherty

      I have no problem with your statement. I might disagree with it, but it is your right to feel that way. What bothers me is all the talk about how WRONG it is for them to protest.

      • Kyle agee

        Here’s my two cents if I were to protest on my job I would be fired they have the right to protest but not on the job cause they are at work that’s all I’m saying

  4. Al Bundy

    Football is for entertainment! No time for that b.s on Sunday ! Go protest on your own time and not when you are getting paid ! Assholes !!!!!
    Better change soon or suffer long term effects , and I am not a trump supporter ( fat ass orange head )


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