The New York Times runs ad, takes on lies

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

27 February 2017

The New York Times effort is a direct reaction to Trump

Other than Envelope-gate, the Oscars unveiled something truly extraordinary last night. The New York Times ran a TV spot that promised the newspaper would be vigilant in uncovering lies and reporting only the truth.

The ad runs during a time of fake news and the White House barring reporters from the briefing room if it doesn’t like what they’re reporting.

Maybe, now, news media is more important than ever. Finally.

“The news media has certainly made it easy to dislike its members. But the first sign of a dangerous regime is ignoring the truth and sidelining a free press.”

The news media has taken quite the licking over the past few years, including from us at Stealing Share. And it deserved it. Newspapers, long the backbone of investigative reporting, are folding or seeing their circulations dip into dangerously low numbers. They, and other news websites, chase links with misleading grab-ya headlines and gossipy stories. Cable news creates a carnival act that’s more about entertainment than news.

The New York Times steps to the forefront

So, The New York Times is taking on the challenge remaining among the ruins of what most media has laid to waste. In an email to subscribers (I am one), publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. wrote, “There has never been a more important time to share our story and what we stand for as an organization.”

The ad is quite effective. It lists the lies that account for truth, ending with “The truth is our nation is more divided than ever” and “The Truth is alternative facts are lies.”

New York TimesThere are many troubling aspects of the Trump Administration. But the labeling of the media as “enemies of the people” strikes me particularly hard. The news media has certainly made it easy to dislike its members. But the first sign of a dangerous regime is ignoring the truth and sidelining a free press. In life, as in any business trend, there is always a reaction to an action. Trump himself is proof of that, a living reaction for many living in a nation they don’t recognize.

But I take solace that the marginalizing of the free press has its own reaction. Even George W. Bush, on the Today Show this morning, said, “I considered the media to be indispensable to democracy.”

The New York Times is the most respected news outlet in our country. It has beefed up its Washington bureau. And it’s the right outlet to lead this important reaction. We need it and others more now than ever.

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