Universities Post COVID-19

By Tom Dougherty
New positioning for universities post Covid-19

New positioning for universities post Covid-19

Higher education is upside down. What was a given just five months ago is no longer certain. Universities post COVID-19 are facing disruption in the business of teaching.

The nuts and bolts of running a university are in flux. Do we open in the fall? Should we allow students back on campus? Can online classes suffice? How can we manage social distancing in higher education? What do we do if the virus roars back in the fall?

How will all this affect the bottom line?

So at last, universities post COVID-19 are facing up to the truth that higher education is a business. That acknowledgment has upsides and downsides. But it is a truth all universities must face. You sell a product… it is called a degree. You have customers. They are called students and parents of students. (Read a new article on how declining population will affect colleges and universities)

You have stakeholders. They are called alumni. And you sell perishables. They are known as faculty. They get stale, spoiled, and replaced. But beyond the brand itself, they are your value.

Why are some diplomas more valuable than others?

Simply put — value comes directly from your brand. You can read a lot about that truth and intricacies almost everywhere on this website. It is worth your time to dig around a bit and learn these sciences. But right now you need answers. RIGHT NOW.

“We will craft meaningful and differentiating messages for universities post COVID-19. The same way we have helped Fortune 100 businesses.”

Everything you believe about universities post COVID-19 may be wrong

universities post COVID-19It’s easy to see monumental changes in how you navigate the REAL changes in student interest and intent. Everyone worries about the future of higher education. But the real, nagging question is about permanence. Are these changes for universities post COVID-19 permanent?

Ask yourself what your university promises. What REALLY makes it different and better than the competition? This is a great place to stop drinking your own Kool-Aid. There is no time to suffer fools.

What you have claimed in the past were smoke and mirrors. After all, who does not claim they serve a higher good? Prepare graduates for the real world? Salute the investigations of truth? And graduate students with accomplishment?

Mostly, in the business of higher education, it has all boiled down to proximity and connection.

Both of those values are out the window for universities post-COVID-19. A virtual tour is too manicured to be persuasive. And proximity? Not too important in the online learning world.

Today calls. Yesterday vanishes.

We can help

But you need to hurry. Your stable world is a house of cards. After a few months of a new reality and the skeletons emerge from the sediment. The emperor may be suddenly naked.

So, if you believe that you’re running a business, we should talk.

We will craft meaningful and differentiating messages for universities post COVID-19. The same way we have helped Fortune 100 businesses.

Just like for every other business, we will craft a message that is important to your customers (students), refresh your perishables and excite your stakeholders.

We will look at your positioning and fix its relevance, according to the eight motivators of change.

A word of warning

You are experts in running a university. We are experts in human behavior. Expect us to be sharp, definitive, and RIGHT. Business is no place for the political correctness that waters down every message to be vanilla and offensive to no one. Clarity saves everyone a lot of time.

Steal a few moments of your time. Send me an email (tomd@stealingshare.com). And I will call you and tell you how it’s done.

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