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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 April 2018

Mazda ad typical despite 11 research studies

Oh my God. So, let me get this straight. Mazda conducts, so it says, 11 research studies, speaks to more than 4,000 respondents and the result? A Mazda ad that plays like a music video sporting more clichés than an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

“Toss the new Mazda ad onto the trash heap of forgettable auto advertising, a pile so high it looks like something out of Wall-E.”

What the hell kinds of questions were asked in those 11 (11!) research projects? To come up with inspiring images of people achieving so they can “Spread your wings”?

I’ll give the Mazda one thing. At least it’s talking about the customer and not the car. That’s more than most auto manufacturers do. Even “Zoom-Zoom,” Mazda’s previous brand theme, spoke to drivers wanting to “Zoom-Zoom.” So, in the sty of auto advertising, Mazda remains king of the pigs.

Let me back up. If you watch a series of auto TV ads back to back to back, only eliminating the logos, do you think you’ll be able to tell the difference? No. In fact, you’ll only be able to tell the similarities.

How is the new Mazda ad any different than the rest in terms of tone and message?

Mazda ad could be for anybody

I could show one ad after another, but you already get the point. Auto brands and their advertising are stuck in a rut when it comes to messaging. To be truly preferred, you must be DIFFERENT and better than your competition. That way, you present yourself as a true choice.

Mazda adInstead, the car brands all blur together. If you prefer one brand to another, it’s because of something else other than the ad messages. Past experience, cost and style are greater triggers right now.

How did it get this way? I’ve mentioned this before, but auto manufacturers keep using the same agencies over and over, trading them like NFL draft picks. A manufacturer fires one agency, only for another manufacturer to hire that same agency. So hiring an agency with a failure in the industry to create something different and better is sound strategy?

Toss the new Mazda ad onto the trash heap of forgettable auto advertising, a pile so high it looks like something out of Wall-E.

Again, how bad was this research? Time to do something different and better.

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