The NCAA Football Playoffs dilemma

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

30 November 2017

The NCAA Football Playoffs. Suck.

NCAA Football PlayoffsThe way I figure it, this is a chance to piss everyone off at the same time. Yep. The NCAA Football Playoffs do just that.

Here is how I see it. The only thing that matters in the NCAA Football Playoffs is the SEC.

You know the SEC? Those football factories that bend otherwise non-college worthy athletes into student athletes? Those bastions of higher learning that care as much about college football as the Vatican does about Roman Catholicism.

Let me be fair

NCAA Football PlayoffsI love picking on the SEC. But I could just as easily have inserted the Big 10, ACC, Pac 12 or Big 12 Conference.

Even the MAC cares about winning football at least as much as it does for education. At the end of the day, athletics excite alums and most could give a shit about how many Rhodes Scholars it produces.

Go ahead, pick your favorite college team. Now name the starting QB? Name any Rhodes Scholars? Point made.

University life in the US revolves around sports. Academics only matters in a peripheral way. The biggest conferences are minor-league athletic factories.

“The SEC runs NCAA Football. Sorry Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma and Michigan. The playoff system will change because the SEC is the biggest loser this year. Especially since they believe they are always entitled.”

But this year, things are going to change

NCAA Football PlayoffsOh. I don’t think for a moment that the contributions from alums will no longer care about NCAA Football. Quite to the contrary.

But they will ALL be angry with the NCAA Football Playoff System. Four teams will make for happy universities.

A dozen others will see red. If things continue without a hiccup, many of those pissed off fans will be seeing crimson. It won’t be roll tide roll in Alabama. It will be “what the f… “

And that means changes will come to NCAA Football Playoffs

NCAA Football PlayoffsThat’s right. Penn State might be a favorite in Pennsylvania (as a Temple fan, I hate to even say the word). But only the SEC matters to the committee.

If Alabama or Georgia or Auburn don’t make it into the playoffs. Why then, the selection committee MUST suck. Right?

After all, the SEC should get at least three berths every year.

The other spot in the field of four? A Big 12 school COULD have one representative.

The SEC dictated this broken system

That’s right. When the SEC agreed to a football playoff system it features the best conference in the nation (their own weekly broadcast declares “the best game in the best conference”). So, they can play patsies like the Sisters of Mercy in week 8.

When you are the best, why do you need to prove it? It’s akin to the Williams sisters in tennis. Why even play out of the family?

Bama is better than most, this season. It opened with Florida State. In a different year that win would have meant something.

This is the change. Next year… Eight Teams

NCAA Football PlayoffsThis is not because there are undefeated teams like UCF that could not make the playoffs even if they kidnaped Santa Clause and held him ransom.

It’s not because if Ohio State beats Wisconsin this week Wisconsin will drop to eighth or ninth. Nope.

The change WILL happen because the SEC thinks they should always have four teams in the mix.

After all, losing to another SEC team does not count. It’s like kissing your sister. (Apologies to my own sis Kerry Dougherty who lives and breathes for Ole Miss.)


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