You’ve got to be kidding me.

I have written many times before that Burger King is constantly looking for a true brand identity and continues to try to out-menu the competition. No one changes up its menu more than BK.

But hope is not lost. Some local Burger King locations are testing a new menu item (shocker!) that is sure to offer them a competitive advantage. Behold, I present the Whopperrito!


What is the deal with the Whopperrito?

Now, Burger King is saying that the burrito is only being sold regionally on a local franchisee level, but the point still stands. Burger King has lost what remained of its mind. As far as I can tell, the Whopperrito (made with 100% beef according to BK) is a deconstructed Whopper – flame grilled hamburger, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, pickles ketchup and mustard. What an amazing innovation! Could you imagine eating this? I can imagine taking a bite into this concoction and having the entire thing fall apart. At least with a real burrito, you have diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce. This thing is just a future stain on shirts everywhere.

The Whopperrito is doomed to be another BK failure.

The Whopperrito feels like a desperate attempt at trying to be different. As I have said a thousand times before, to be meaningful and truly differentiating, something has to be both different and better. However, the Whopperrito is like hanging your family picture upside down. It is different and but not better.

People go to Burger King for burgers. Burgers are, after all, in the Burger King name. Customers may also grab some fries and onion rings and maybe a chicken sandwich or nuggets. BK recently launched grilled hot dogs and, as far as a brand fit, that makes some sense (and have been relatively successful for them as well).

But a burrito? It doesn’t fit with the brand and is another wild attempt at attracting new customers. Mind you this is not a “light” version of a hamburger this just a Whopper in a flour tortilla.

I am all for brands evolving and keeping themselves current and relevant. But so many times when brands attempt to do that, they forget about who and why they are. Burger King should mean The King of Burgers, but instead it means fast food burgers – and the Whopperrito isn’t even that.

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