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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

10 January 2018

A mea culpa on Apple’s AirPods

Every so often I might be wrong. Yeah, it’s true. I know. So let’s own up to a mistake. Last year, I rail on Apple’s AirPods and now I’m sheepish on the matter. Then, my beef was with the five-hour listening time — I need more like 10 continuous hours, especially with all the work travel I do. As I have since learned from my oldest son (who owns a pair), my initial perception was off base. The Apple AirPods are, unequivocally, the coolest pair of bluetooth headphones one can buy.

I should’ve known better.

AirPodsSimply put, AirPods are badass. Sure, they have five hours of listening time. But all you do is plug them into the included charger case and presto, in 15 minutes you have another three hours of playtime. What’s more, they connect with ease, sound great and have some amazing control gestures.


“Primarily, the Apple brand represents simplicity. In design, in use and in how it affects your life.”

The AirPods fit the Apple brand

But that wasn’t really what brought me coming around. The reason is they fit snugly into the branding of Apple. Primarily, the Apple brand represents simplicity. In design, in use and in how it affects your life. Once you embrace that brand, you become part of a movement that takes over the world when you think about it. Many of the best Apple products produce a what-is-that kind of reaction until you get comfortable with the idea. (Sony laughed Steve Jobs out of the room when presenting the concept for iTunes.)

Yup, it’s boiled down to me wanting to be one of those walking around with a futuristic pods in my ears like something out of Black Mirror. (Gulp.) And it’s not just me feeling this way. This past Christmas, Apple quickly sold out of AirPods, as well as its retailers, until early 2018.

And so, my ultimate hope, since it will take an act of Congress to snag a pair right now, is that the good folks at Apple read this blog and send me a free pair (or three for my coworkers). Wouldn’t that be nice. One can hope.

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