McDonalds tactics are not enough

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 November 2016

Here’s another one of McDonalds tactics that is an exercise in sheer stupidity.

McDonalds, the fast-food king of the world, is instituting kiosks for ordering and initiating tableside service.

Let me write that again. Tableside service at McDonalds.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

McDonald’s tactics are just that. They don’t fix the problem.

Is this really easier?

What I want most from a McDonalds is somebody waiting on me as they serve me crap food. What’s wrong with the current system? We order food, get it and eat it. Simple and easy. The industry is called fast food, after all.

Also, for most people, the drive-thru is the main source of delivery, so this is just a stunt. McDonalds does not typify a dining experience. And it never will.

“In my opinion, McDonalds had nothing to fix but it’s brand.”

McDonalds tactics do nothing to help the brand

What’s more, this absurd new process is anything but simple: “The company said once people order at one of the stations — sleek, vertical touchscreens — they will get a digital location device and can take a seat. When their burgers and fries are ready, the technology will guide a server to the table to deliver the food with a big smile and a thank you,” according to The New York Times.

I can see that happening swimmingly, can’t you?

McDonald's tactics

Order here!

Very personal.

In my opinion, McDonalds had nothing to fix but it’s brand. But it is so darn nervous about losing share in the fast food industry that it is willing to try anything.

But these superficial changes are just tactics. The real problem here is that the fast food industry is under fire. Less and less of us want to plow our faces with garbage food. We want a semblance of health in our lives. Something that isn’t McDonalds.

I’m sorry, that mindset won’t change because of a kiosk and a phony smile serving a pile of grease.

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  1. steve

    I rarely eat at McD’s, but when I do, it’s only at one with kiosks – good-bye screwed up orders.


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