McDonald’s has lost its moxie: The McDonald’s Slushie

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

12 April 2017

McDonald’s Slushie doesn’t fix McDonald’s brand

McDonald’s is testing a new beverage concept, the McDonald’s slushie. The new beverage will be tested in 5 markets then likely rolled out nationwide.

McDonalds must be worried. This is clearly a response to Sonic which claims to make 54 billion different drink combinations.

“Oh McDonald’s, where has your moxie gone?”

McDonald’s has a history of market leadership and market dominance. The McDonald’s slushie is just another example of McDonald’s tucking its tail and licking its wounds. What’s worse is that McDonald’s still thinks its problems are only menu related.

To a degree that is probably accurate. But it is only part of the story. With 80% of millennials having never eaten a Big Mac, McDonald’s has a brand problem.

It’s a brand problem that the McDonald’s slushie isn’t going to fix.

But all day breakfast or 3 different Big Mac’s won’t fix it either. Last month McDonald’s announced it would use fresh beef in most of its stores for the Quarter Pounder. Only to be trolled by Wendy’s:

McDonald’s can’t even get fresh beef right.

Asking for a freind…:-)

It is a fair criticism and shows that McDonald’s has really gone off the rails. Its moves are reactionary.

McDonald’s must act like the market leader and not like a follower

McDonald’s is letting others dictate the field instead of taking the initiative. It no longer acts like the market leader.

The McDonald’s Slushie is by no means the end of McDonald’s. But I do struggle to see where McDonald’s ends up without fundamental deep-rooted change. To date, it seems like the only thing that is on the table for change is the menu – but only in fits and starts.

At its core, what could McDonald’s mean that could cause a change the minds of the 4 out of 5 millennials that have never had a Big Mac? Hint: it’s more than just changing the menu.

But if it wants to take the menu approach, perhaps McDonald’s should start serving tacos and fried chicken. That seems on strategy by their current line of thinking.

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