McDonald’s is blind

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

7 January 2015

McDonalds new brand vision is brand blind

As you probably know, McDonalds has had its share of problems lately. Its same-store sales and revenue have declined. To be fair, other fast food chains have declined as well, but when the undisputed category leader has problems everyone notices.

So what does McDonalds marketing do? It creates a new (ahem) brand vision for the company.

In essence their new brand vision is “I’m lovin’ it.” Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the same line it has used since 2003, but McDonalds wants us to know that this time there will more more focus on the “lovin’’” part.

[youtube][/youtube]So what was the focus for the past decade, I wonder?

“Our brand’s renewed focus on lovin’ will come to life in ways that inspire people to recognize and celebrate the lovin’ they share with each other every day.” – McDonalds Press Release 1-2-15


As iconic as McDonalds is as a fixture in American heritage, it has sure lost its way in terms of what its brand means. To help remedy its declining sales, McDonalds is actually going to do nothing with its brand. Sure, it’ll do new ads, change the uniforms and packaging, and tweak the menu a bit, but this is not a new brand vision. This is old Madison Avenue ad-speak, devoid of any real brand meaning and therefore meaningless.

With a brand like McDonalds, Stealing Share would never try or suggest that it needs to reinvent the wheel. McDonalds is an international icon. However, even the best wheels need new tires from time to time. “I’m lovin’ it” is just a retread.

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