Customer service reps are what is wrong with customer service

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

01 May 2009

Maybe the wrong people are losing their jobs

If service really is missing from the service industry, then the laws of supply and demand should take over – and maybe this rotten economy might just produce a silver lining.

Yesterday, I had the distinct displeasure of interacting with a snot-nosed store clerk at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was returning a gift I had bought and needed help. Turned out, the clerk exemplified what is wrong with our service industry. There is no service. She obviously hated her job, thought customers were the enemy and believed she was doing the store a favor by showing up at her scheduled start time.


I propose that there are many motivated unemployed workers around now, and the retail and service industries would do well to fire their put-upon workers and replace them with folks who want to work and think the jobs they perform actually matters.

While I am at it, I would ask United Airlines to fire gate attendants at the commuter terminal in Dulles and see if any qualified applicants are available. Like, for example, someone that can speak an understandable form of English, an important skill when making boarding calls over a screechy loudspeaker.

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