Look. I’m an old man. So when I heard rumblings that eSports was a rising trend, I scoffed. When ESPN began telecasting those events, I scoffed even louder.


The rising trend of eSports may be more attractive to advertisers than I first thought.

Now I’m wondering if I’ve been having my get-off-my-lawn old man moment because it seems eSports is taking off – and with a crowd that’s more influential than you would think.

According to Mindshare Spotlight, which researched who attends these events and watches them on TV, most eSports fans are in their 30s, a third of them have an household income of $90K or more and even 38% of them are women.

Could eSports take off because it’s not just for nerds anymore?

Are eSports a fad or a revolution?

The difficulty in ascertaining the importance of a trend like this is in deciding whether this is a fad or a true revolution. Brands often wilt and die when they don’t keep up with the times. But they can also look too of the moment if they jump on every trend that comes along. Either way, they can become easily ignored.

The information Mindshare Spotlight has uncovered makes eSports more promising, but there is a better way for brands to understand if this sport (if you want to call it that) is something they should join.

The first step is to completely understand what your brand means to your audiences. What are those values? Who are your customers when they use your brand? How do they see themselves?

I’ve mentioned in the past that the successful merging brands are ones that have a brand meaning in common. The best example is the merger of FedEx and Kinko’s because they shared values about helping your business – and doing it quickly.

The same goes for deciding if something like eSports is an attractive marketing option for your brand. Does what your brand meaning align with what consumers find attractive in eSports? It’s an important question because it’s rare that a new venue opens up for advertisers.

The only way to answer these important questions is to be honest about what your brand means and discover the answers with difficult questions in quantitative research.

Even an old codger like me could be persuaded.

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