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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

29 November 2017

Matt Lauer torpedoes the Today Show brand

Well, look out Good Morning America! The two male anchors for the other morning network shows – Matt Lauer of Today and Charlie Rose of CBS This Morning – are shown the door after charges of sexual misconduct.

Are George Stephanopoulos or Michael Strahan gonna make it a trifecta?

Matt LauerI don’t mean to be flippant. This behavior goes on too often in every walk of business life. I see it. It disgusts me. And support those affected. The bell tolls for thee.

The speed with which the Matt Lauer firing happens makes your head spin. But it sounds like the other shoe teetering on the edge. NBC was simply getting ahead of the story as both Variety and The New York Times were working on stories about Lauer.

NBC News President Andy Lack says, “…we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.”

“Now? It’s Today that must regain the public trust. Its future depends on what it does next, not what happens in the past.”

Where does the Matt Lauer firing leave Today now?

So what does this mean for Today? You could judge this in the light of responses in other cases. Harvey Weinstein is now a pariah in Hollywood and many directors are fleeing from his company. Kevin Spacey’s role in the newest Ridley Scott movie is being recast with Christopher Plummer. (With a release date looming later this month.) The corporations want these incidents behind them as quickly as possible.

Unlike Rose, Matt Lauer and his name are synonymous with the branding of Today. He’s been there for more than 20 years. None of the current anchors of the network morning shows sport that longevity.

NBC worries greatly, which is why it reacts so swiftly. Less than a decade ago, reports flourished that Lauer basically ousted co-anchor Ann Curry over falling ratings. After the reports, ratings plummet even more as Lauer slowly regains the public trust.

Now? It’s Today that must regain the public trust. Its future depends on what it does next, not what happens in the past.

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