The value of market share experts

By Tom Dougherty


Market share experts. Opportunity.

Market Share Experts have a different skillset

market share expertsWe are market share experts. With all of the uncertainty in the world economy, We wonder why a brand development firm like ourselves has been busier than ever before despite the uncertainty.

Could it be because we are market share experts? Anyone with a drop of superstition would certainly add the caveat  “count your blessings and keep your mouth shut.”

Stealing Share, as market share experts, seeks to understand human behavior and to find ways to utilize that behavior so it benefits the market share for our clients. Let’s look at this phenomenon quite critically and carefully.

Slaying Sacred Cows. Market Share Experts

Under the microscope of analysis, there is something our current clients share. They are all in the throes of internal change. These are not external forces, but self-directed ones.

They came knocking because we are market share experts and they have new leadership at the top. Or a top-down realization that change is not their mortal enemy but is in fact their best friend.

market share expertsThey are universally changing internal processes so they can compete in their crowded markets. And, compete more effectively. Or they have taken a fresh look at the way they had always done business. In short, they all had strong leadership and a vision for success.

To quote one CEO, “We are all out to slay the sacred cows.”

One of the hallmarks of great leadership has always been great timing.

Leaders seem to possess it in great bucketful. These companies share that. They see opportunity and advantage when others see fear and contraction.

They push for change when others are holding tenaciously to the status quo. They seek to grow market share when others are defensively looking to hold onto a slice of the fast disappearing pie.

What is surprising to us is that the membership in this august group seeking market share experts seems to be swelling. And growing all over the globe.

The Current Market. Survival of the Fittest

This brings to mind a bit of Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. It seems to us the fit are better able to survive because they are best able to adapt.

market share expertsWhen others hit the breaks they accelerate. When others count pennies, they invest. When the din of marketing noise grows a bit quieter because of cuts in advertising budgets they speak with greater clarity and force.

As market share experts, Stealing Share is quite lucky with this.

Success comes easier to those whose only sacred cow is named “success.”

They are willing to exchange the old paradigm of corporate identity. And, Harvard business school models of brand development for one that trumpets action and not mired in trite theory.

World Economy. Success in Growing Share

Our successful market share experts owe a great deal to these leaders. Pioneers, really.

They are visionary men and women who seek truthful market share expertsanswers to questions of persuasion and preference. And, are willing to look past the Interbrands and Landors of the world.

As a result, they seek out a rebellious group of straight-talking professionals. Market share experts who are willing to challenge established models. And, recognize that if the brand is to succeed in changing the behavior of prospects. It must also change the established corporate culture that so desperately seeks it.

Our new business meetings differ from most.

Certainly, the tenor is often more collegial because most of our business comes from referrals. And it allows for a more relaxed atmosphere. But more importantly, our meetings are filled with straight talk and honesty. Even when it comes to change.

Market Share Experts

We never pretend to know all the answers. We only know the questions that help illuminate the answers.

Stealing Share won’t swoon over prospects like we are courting their beautiful daughter.

Quite to the contrary. We often tell prospective clients that their kids are homely. This begins the straight talk.

Candor, as we have learned, saves everyone a lot of time. It also teaches us that to win you have to speed up in the corners, not slow down.

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