How many Sears losses can it take?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

15 December 2016

Sears losses but all retailers should take note.

Twenty quarters of Sears losses. For the past five years, Sears reported a loss coupled with massive drops in same-store sales.

Like the rest of the retail sector, Sears is still asleep at the wheel. Sears losses represent an ostrich with the head buried in the sand. Sears points to fixes, like expense reductions and asset monetization as remedies for its problems.

“Instead of bitching about how Amazon is eating their lunch, Sears and the rest should take note.”


Sears losses

The sheer number of Sears losses mean the retailer’s days are numbered.

It’s smoke and mirrors to hide their real problems. It’s a load of crap.

The problem is Sears itself. What does it mean? Who is the Sears shopper?

For once, I would love an executive from a company come out and just be honest. Admit that they have lost sight of their customer. Admit its model is not meeting consumers’ needs.

The retailer needs to embrace the customer instead of blaming him. What happens to Sears when there are no more costs to reduce?

Sears losses point to irrelevancy

Sears, those who reject you are the solution. This is true for the entire retail category as well. And no, the reason why retailers are failing is not just Amazon. Yes, Amazon and its online brethren are taking a larger and larger chunk out of brick and mortar retailers. Sears, don’t you also have an online presence.

If everything is going irreplaceably to the web, why is Amazon opening brick and mortar stores? Amazon Go is revolutionizing the retail model and bookstores are opening in major markets.

The online retailer is confident it can meet the needs of the consumer no matter the channel. Amazon understands its customer and, as importantly,  its brand.

Instead of bitching about how Amazon is eating their lunch, Sears and the rest should take note. Amazon gets it. The sheer number of Sears losses point to an overwhelming conclusion. It may be too late for Sears.


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