Lincoln Financial almost does the right thing. Almost.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

14 April 2014

At least the campaign is about the customer

Lincoln Financial has a new campaign that claims right up front that “you are in charge.” I say that it is ALMOST right because the idea of presenting a brand from the perspective of the prospect is the right idea. It is also ALMOST wrong because the idea is lost in a sea of advertising drivel and an attempt at benign sentimentality.

It’s just too sappy to be either important or believable. We simply need to wait too long to get the joke and it’s too bad Lincoln Financial decided to tell us we were in charge with the tongue firmly implanted in the cheek.

“Lincoln Financial seems well intentioned to embrace this difference. What it lacks is full sincerity and conviction.”


Lincoln FinancialWe do a great deal of work in the financial sector and I think that the new Lincoln Financial is sadly on target. I have no doubt Lincoln Financial sees it as an ad tagline rather than a brand promise. It is a tactical move and not a strategic one. I see no other elements pointing to our new control and no real means to show me how Lincoln is different from my current financial conglomerate.

The idea is a big one in this sector. It’s big, provided that it is an emotional switching trigger and the highest emotional intensity in the market. One thing for sure, in a market that is saturated with claims of their own importance and expertise, it is refreshing to see one company willing to take a different course. Lincoln Financial seems well intentioned to embrace this difference. What it lacks is full sincerity and conviction. It feels a bit like flavor of the day rather than a full-blown appreciation of our own expertise.

Family gatherings and dances in the back yard as not shareholder meetings. They are picnics and parties. Show me why my own control is more valued at Lincoln Financial, then I’m interested. Show me a creative director’s opinion in gauzy lenses and autumn backyard dance parties and I’m afraid I don’t see it as the sea change that it should have signaled.

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