The Dalai Lama

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

19 March 2019

Let’s understand what’s happening with the Dalai Lama

I’ve been a practicing Buddhist for more than 25 years. So, last week’s Time magazine cover featuring His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, struck a deep nerve with me.

This past April, my wife and I received an unrivaled opportunity of traveling to Dharmshala, India, the home of His Holiness. There, we met, as he coins himself, the “simple Buddhist monk.” This opportunity came via a handwritten note I sent to his office, where I let its reader know we were traveling to India in the hopes of meeting him. This note was my second attempt, as an email I sent earlier was declined. To my amazement, the handwritten declaration made the difference, and we were granted access for visitation.

Dalai LamaMeeting the Dalai Lama was only matched by the birth of my children and my wedding. I have heard him speak several times. But this surmounts all else. It was, unequivocally, a zenith of my life.

The day of the meeting, my wife and I, alongside a select group of similarly seeking pilgrims, were brought inside his living room. There, the Dalai Lama delivered a short teaching. Following this, we were able to hold his hand and take pictures.

In each photo of he and my wife and I, our tears were apparent, as well as his endless smile. His hand, when it held mine, was electric. I could feel the energy of a holy man course through my veins and I was touched eternally. He chuckled at my tears in sweet way. A memory I will never, ever forget.

This singular moment changed my being.

If my story of meeting the Dalia Lama can do anything, I hope it expresses his transformative nature. It is not usual that we come across someone with such an unusually special spirit.”

The current situation with the Dalai Lama is personal for me

Having experienced this precious moment and from my years of devotion — the Time article pangs my heart.

Our brand as human beings — should be one where we never forget the existence of this living, Tibetan saint. As cultures seek trade agreements with China, a heartbreaking willingness to brush aside the Dali Lama is developing.

China is the country that overran and exiled this precious leader, enshrouded in robes,  and his pleasant people.

If my story of meeting the Dalia Lama can do anything, I hope it expresses his transformative nature. It is not usual that we come across someone with such an unusually special spirit. And I, for one, will hold that close to my soul, forever.

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  1. Robert John Slothus

    China and most other nations have so steadily infused secularism in to their societies that what the “Simple Monk” represents and endeavors to convey to the world is, sadly, falling out of favor. What his holiness offered was a way out out what Paul Tillich called “transworld depravity.” Tillich went on to say “Our generations knows a cold hell, solitary confinement in this life, without a God to damn or save it. Until man figures out the trap and hunts…’the Ultimate Ground of Being,’ he has no reason at all for his existence. Empty, finite, he knows only that he will soon die. Since this life has no meaning, and he sees no future life, he is not really a person but a victim of self extinction.”


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