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10 September 2019

Let’s hear it for Sharpies, right?

Sharpies! Yes, big ole’ Sharpies!

But first —

Our country can be a shit-storm of crazy. Beliefs – even the most superficial ones – are transcending all avenues of common sense, basic decency and inherent understanding of what is right or wrong. Self-examination has been glossed over by the sheen of a 3 by 5-inch screen and pithy phrases. It’s tough to swallow, but heck, I am as much a culprit as the next. I’d like to think my gift in this life is a guttural understanding of human desire and how we purchase based on that desire.

Politics and religion are the two great sways of brand belief. Heck, that’s why it’s understood at parties or work events to “never bring up politics or religion.” No matter the logical argument from the opposing view, the response will be, “Yes, but I believe.” That’s the power of belief.

So what does this have to do with little ole Sharpies?

Let’s get crazy. Are there brands you won’t touch because of their connection to a political base? Yup. Are there brands you covet BECAUSE of their political bent? Or how about the religious tendencies of the CEO? For instance, what feelings do Chick-fil-A , Hobby Lobby, Nike (Think Colin Kaepernick, specifically) and Starbucks bring to mind? Are your loyalties tied with those stances?

“Maybe Trump can use them to redact parts of his tax returns. He uses Sharpies to sign bills now, so why not? The possibilities are endless!”

Can Sharpies take advantage of being a tool of deceit?

And now full circle, you can add Sharpie pens and markers to that list. Right? Sharpies

Can President Trump ignite a new interest in Sharpies? It’s a crazy idea, right?

Last week, President Trump held a map doctored up with a Sharpie marker. And the political pundits have pounced, as they should have. Especially in light of potential firings if anyone at NOAA contradicted Trump’s use of Sharpies.

In these divisive times, could Sharpies become synonymous with Trump – and his loyalists deeming these writing instruments as the greatest ever? Maybe Trump can use them to redact parts of his tax returns. He uses Sharpies to sign bills now, so why not? The possibilities are endless!

And on the flip, the Sharpie has been ruined for generations for the leftists.

So silly, really. But mark my words. Mark my words. With Sharpies.

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