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30 July 2019

Landr represents – and helps – the busy musician

My eldest son embraces the journey of a recording and performing musician. Now closing in on his fourth decade (which is hard enough for me to fathom), and accompanied by a wife and two young children, his once common late night shows and practice sessions have dwindled away. But not his passion for the craft. For enthusiasts like him who must balance family and a career, the need for simplicity and speed when creative urges strike are paramount. This is why he has been raving to me about the music mastering site, Landr.

Back in the day, when his band dug in at the studio, it took about a month of his time. Scratch tracks were dropped, then came overdubbing and mixing. Money had to be raised, PR companies became involved and there was also the physical unit production. That was, all the while keeping the peace with producers, managers and band mates. It was a helluva lot and, as such, hard to make the process about the love of the craft.

Yet, as he finds himself in the throws of life, seeking out a moment to write and record is a challenge. So, when he does find a moment, it’s entirely about the passion for the craft. “I don’t have the time nor patience for all the other stuff anymore. But I do want the songs I record to have a life and merit. This is why Landr is special to me.” And it’s not just special to him. The company just raised $26 million in funding. It’s the real deal.

Landr doesn’t fall prey to this. It recognizes that its service gives its members what they value most in life, which is time.”

Landr lets artists create. Then it takes care of the rest.

Musicians upload mixed tracks to the site. Landr then makes use of a series of algorithms to find similar sounding aesthetics in the genre of the song. It then, rather deftly, masters the song (or album if you choose) to the likeness of the genre. The sonic adjustments are astounding. “Tracks glisten in the way I had hoped” with levels tweaked and necessary parameters established. But that’s not all. Landr then packages the work digitally and ships it out to the streaming giants, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and Amazon Music.

Most companies approach the market with fundamental flaws. They look around at what they – not the customer – value about themselves. Then they scream that at the top of their lungs. Too many brands see the world inside-out. The messaging is all about them. Instead, it needs be all about the prospect.

Landr doesn’t fall prey to this. It recognizes that its service gives its members what they value most in life, which is time. It’s a process of integrity and clarity, and that vision means everything to its members.

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