La Croix overtaking soda during slump

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

14 December 2016

La Croix is a hit, but it needs to beware of getting cute

My son threw a birthday party for his daughter this weekend. As usual, he had drinks for the guests, like soda, beer and bottles of water. Also, he had a 48 pack of La Croix. About halfway through the party, I looked around and found that every adult in a crowd of 35 had a can of it in their hands. Including myself.

La Croix

La Croix is taking advantage of soda slump.


“Since the brand is on such a winning streak, the strategy behind its website ( is off brand.”

Nobody wanted beer – and he had good brews, too. The soda remained untouched – not surprising as the industry is in big trouble. Rather, cans of lemon-lime, tangerine and grapefruit were consumed one after the other. I went back to his refrigerator to find only two cans remining. But I held off taking one and saved them for my son and his wife.

Clearly, these were a goldmine.

La Croix has become a drink of choice. 

La Croix has a good thing going. In fact, it’s so popular that the company has released a holiday sampler pack. Mind you, this is sparkling water, people. It’s not Sam Adams or Blue Moon. I am even excited to try the variety pack. Go figure.

Since the brand is on such a winning streak, the strategy behind its website ( is off brand. There, anyone can create their own La Croix can. You can create flavors, like this one created by @owlsquid entitled, “Jet Ski Saucier.” But if this sounds like a stupid concept, that’s because it is.

Don’t tamper with a winner.

The La Croix brand is on fire. And people love it. In fact, the multitude of flavors offered is appreciated too. However, a platform like must be stymied as it belittles the strength of the product.

Nobody but the minds behind La Croix should tamper with the product. Even if is in jest, it shouldn’t exist because it lessons the magic surrounding the sparkling water brand.

Talk about magic. I’m writing this blog with a passionfruit La Croix beside me.


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